Thursday, March 31, 2011

BP1_Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to Education Illumination, my personal look into the world of teaching, as well as a place to explore my passion of lighting design for the stage. As a student in the Education Media Design Technology Masters Degree program at Full Sail University, I will be using this blog to comment, reflect, and share the ideas and experiences that come through re-designing education for students in the 21st century.

So why a blog? Haha, good question. I've never thought of myself as a "blogger", it sounds like something strictly reserved for people who understand things like HTML5, Tweeting, or Lady Gaga. Me? I'm more of an "Atari, MTV, and Iron Maiden" person myself. But hey, that's the great thing about the EMDT program. I almost feel younger with every new technology that I try out in an effort to incorporate new learning tools into my classroom. Granted, "blogging" probably won't get rid of my grey hairs, or my profound love for most things that were popular in the 1980's, but so far, it actually seems like a cool (and easy!) way to communicate and share with others who have my same interests.

So there it is. Post number 1 of the Education Illumination blog. Stay tuned for more enlightening posts, covering topics in education and lighting design. (and maybe the occasional life rant, as well)

"House Lights... Go"


  1. Shawn, I do agree with you, I feel younger too. I guess it's the excitement of learning new things, playing with new toys with more toys to discover.

    By the way, love the light show.

  2. Shawn, what a perfect title for your blog! The connection between lighting and enlightening is wonderful. I am an "Atari, MTV, and Iron Maiden" person myself but I think often people underestimate the amount of technical and creative work that can go into "dumb fun". Show Production is powerful combination of technical knowledge, visual and auditory creativity. Looking forward to reading your posts throughout the month!