Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wk2 Think Out-Loud PPP post: Presentation or Publication?

While I do believe that my information can be transmitted through either written or presentation forms, I really feel that an interactive style of presentation would be much more effective. My CBR project was based on motivating teachers to utilize new technology to enhance their classroom, and in-person demonstrations of this procedure would really be able to hammer home the points that I am trying to make. Being able to show the technology, and interact with attendees through this technology in a live presentation environment should be able to reinforce the point that these methods can be useful in a classroom environment.

As of right now, the conference that intrigues me the most is EduComm. While the 2011 conference was held in Orlando, the 2012 conference will be held in Las Vegas. But hey... a trip to Vegas is not a bad thing! The deadline for submitting for presentations is 12/11/2011, so I will have time to get the basics of my presentation together in order to submit on time. As of now, I think this will be my course of action.

"House Lights...Go"

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