Friday, April 15, 2011

PE4_To Wiki or Not To Wiki?

Uggh, I'm going crazy right now. My original plan for my RILS was a bit more than I could handle in the time frame allotted for this project. My goal is to have my students create a collaborative knowledge-base for labs that they currently do in my course. Immediately, I realized that this would be a great way to start a Wiki, allowing not only my current students to share their wisdom, but allow future students to gain insight from those who had come before them.

So off to WikiSpaces I went. Unfortunately, I needed more time to test out the security settings of WikiSpaces, as well as the management of input from users. After setting up my main ShowProSLE Wiki, I added a page for user created content.

The problems I ran into were formatting, as well as privacy controls. To be able to grade the students, I needed to ensure that comments from one student could not be edited or changed by other students.

Until I can get more time experimenting with WikiSpaces, I needed to come up with a more protected and stable way for students to be able to collaborate. Plus, I needed to have this implemented by this morning, allowing the students to post their comments within one day of the first part of their project. So,stay tuned for my emergency plan of action...

"House Lights...Go"

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