Friday, April 15, 2011

PE5_Good 'Ole Google Docs

Well, if you read my last post, you already know my predicament. I was taking notes throughout the week while I experimented with WikiSpaces in order to create a collaborative environment for my students to share their experiences in their Production Live Lab learning. But in order to ensure this would get to my students in a timely manner, and also to make sure that it was secure for grading purposes, I had to jump off the WikiSpace train and go back to good old Google Docs.

My first plan was to just create a simple spreadsheet that I could share with my students, allowing them to post their thoughts and suggestions to their fellow classmates for future lab situations. But, once again, I ran into the problem that there could be accidental edits made by students that could corrupt the feedback process. So to ensure the quality of the collaboration, I created a Google Form to survey the students.

After the students completed the survey, I copied the survey results into a collaborative google spreadsheet. This involved one more step to the process, but it ensured that the data I recieved through the form was accurate, while still being able to share the results with the students and allow them to add more information over time.

Once again, the ease and my familiarity with Google Documents has saved the day, and the students were very receptive to the first round of my RILS.

"House Lights...Go"

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